About Us

Our Beginning. Our original team. Our original colors.
      We have, unfortunately, seen many faces come and go but only the strong willed and the persistent have made it through thick and thin. The elite few that have stood by each other from day one are looking to strive for something more than just playing another sport, they are living life. The color of the uniform on our backs means nothing compared to the will to win in our hearts and the drive to succeed in our minds. Blood, Sweat and Tears is what we leave out on the field. Victories, Championships and Pride is what we bring back home.

       We are always looking for new players that share the views of our team. We welcome anyone that has the will to play among some of the best teams southern California has to offer. We compete in Coast Soccer League, Spring League, Beach Soccer tournaments, and many other tournaments throughout the entire year. We are a year round soccer club centralized in Rialto, CA and travel to cities as close to San Bernardino, CA and as far as Las Vegas, NV. 

      Our team is backed by the Rialto Youth Soccer League where most, if not all, of our players and our team had their beginning. 

      We encourage and expect sportsmanship, discipline, hard-work and dedication from each of the players. Parental support has always been and will continue to be the best support system a team can ask for and we are proud to say that we have some of the most dedicated, supportive, and loving parents any team or child can ask for. 

       We welcome you to join our growing family and although we expect a lot from each one our players we also know how and when to have some fun!